Animoca Brands Co-Founder Project Crypto Market to Reach $200T in Next Decade

Animoca Brands Co-Founder Project Crypto Market to Reach $200T in Next Decade

Yat Siu, the co-founder of Animoca Brands, projects that crypto will grow exponentially in the next ten years. In an interview with Valr Podcast, Siu explained that crypto will increase 200 times.

Siu’s statement mirrors a similar prediction that the crypto market will have exceeding growth. According to CoinGecko, the crypto market has reached $2.7 trillion. The Animoca Brand executive projects the likelihood of the crypto market cap to triple or double in the coming years.  

Animoca Brands Crypto Market to Reach $200T

The executive expressed his optimism that the crypto market will hit new targets. Siu told the Valr podcast that the crypto market will increase by 100 to 200 times in about five to ten years to reach $200 trillion.

He confidently believes the crypto market will exceed $200 trillion in the next decade. The executive noted that more people are joining the crypto scape. Also, Siu anticipates billions of people will soon become digital property owners in the Web3 sector.

He believes that there will be billions of digital property owners and token holders in years to come. Unlike the ordinary financial world, Siu thought that the digital world will accommodate billion of users.

The executive believes that Asia has outpaced the US in Web3 adoption. Siu noted that Asia has a thriving Web3 sector compare to Western countries. Reflecting on a recent study, Siu said that Asia had become a burgeoning Web3 hub. 

Asia Outpace US in Web3 Adoption

The executive noted that companies are flocking to Southeast Asia, including Hong Kong and Japan, to establish their Web3 projects. Siu admitted that Asia has a growing Web3 ecosystem compared to the US. 

He noted that the lack of comprehensive regulation for digital assets hindered the development of the Web3 ecosystem. During the interview, Siu said that Web3 and crypto would blossom. 

Siu’s prediction mirrors a statement he made at WebSummit Rio. He projected that Bitcoin would reach $1 million over time. At the meeting, Siu believed that Brazil would become an epicenter for crypto. 

The executive noted that Brazil has embraced clear rules for crypto assets. Also, Siu recognized that traditional banks in Brazil, such as Itau, were contemplating Crypto. offers high-quality content catering to crypto enthusiasts. We’re dedicated to providing a platform for crypto companies to enhance their brand exposure. Please note that cryptocurrencies and digital tokens are highly volatile. It’s essential to conduct thorough research before making any investment decisions. Some of the posts on this website may be guest posts or paid posts not authored by our team, and their views do not necessarily represent the views of this website. is not responsible for the content, accuracy, quality, advertising, products, or any other content posted on the site.

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